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Commercial Solar Panels Strathalbyn

The reality is that renewable energy is here, no matter whether you support Solar or not it is a significant investment in Strathalbyn. We use the best quality SMA or SMA owned and ABB Powerone Inverters on all Commercial Installations.

The ROI (return on investment) is currently 40% per annum in most cases. Meaning the payback period is now well under 3 years. Investments for a 10kw start at $8,990 being SMA Inverter and Talesunr Panels and range through to 100kw for basically whatever daytime power generation is required.

Recently we've completed several 90kw and 100Kw commercial Solar panel installations accross Strathalbyn and South Adelaide. We can also facilitate finance for the larger projects and have strong working relationships with ANZ and Westpac Banks in particular.

Retailers, agriculture, production, manufactring, warehousing and distribution are all areas where Solar Investments payback in well under 3 years.

We are the experts on commercial solar and we can also advise you on what not to do. For instance, we recommend not putting on more Inverters than you require, with a view to putting on more panels later. The reason is that technology changes all the time and the panels running on your system now will most likely have different voltages to ones you will want to add later.

Contact Electrical PRO Solar Installation to further discuss and learn about solar panel investment for your commercial enterprise today.

Solar Panel Strathalbyn


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