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Solar Batteries

Solar batteries get their energy from the sun or any other source of light and works via the photo voltaic method. In fact, it gets fully charged just by mere exposure to good sunlight and it can get completely charged within an hour or two of being exposed.

Solar batteries comprise of solar cells that are placed in a line or even a block anywhere in the given device. And the cells inside collect the light energy and activates the electrons in the semiconductors which is then activated and it connects with the metal contacts. Once contact is established, energy is produced and it can be used either immediately or it is stored for anytime usage.

Solar batteries come in two types, nickel cadmium, and lead acid. Lead acid batteries are inexpensive, but it has many riders and it does not work to its maximum potential and does not get discharged completed.

But on the other hand, nickel cadmium batteries do not come with any constraints and even though they are expensive, they are value for money and last a long time. In the long run this is a more viable option and nickel cadmium is the most preferred batteries of the two.

Solar Batteries Adelaide

Solar batteries finds usage in many areas and things and it comes in many different sizes too.

If you want to make the best of renewable energy, and bank upon clean energy that saves electricity bills and is also wholesome and this energy storage is tapped directly from the sun’s rays, then you should think of going in for solar panels or solar batteries.

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