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At Electrical PRO Solar Installation, our vision is to make the world a more sustainable place to live in. And how do we go about achieving that? Well, our mantra is simple. We aim to spread the message and also inculcate people to adapt to using 100% green energy by tapping into an abundant energy storage, the Sun. This is a renewable energy that is guaranteed to never exhaust and can be used in whatever quantities, literally to your heart’s content and your ROI is in actual, not much.- not sure what that means Yes. You can use it as much as you like to and the icing on the cake is this, there is immense savings that reflects in your monthly energy bills. If you are leaning towards adapting and inviting the clean energy concept to your workplace or home, reach out to the Adelaide-based experts at Electrical PRO Solar Installation.

In fact, our logo says it all, 'Harness the Sun'. And you cannot have a clearer message that we are sending out to all our clients’ who want to harness the sun's vast energy and do away with and phase away electricity and coal power dependencies.

Whatever you are looking at be it batteries, solar systems, load diagnostics or unique solar calculators to help track your energy usage, its literal translation to the costs you will incur and more is part of our services.

We are a homegrown, Australian Company based in Adelaide, Australia. We stock, retail and install only the best-suited products that are perfectly created to handle the extreme weather conditions that we witness in Australia.

Electrical PRO

We have onboard a professional team who has the expertise in all things Solar. Our products are tailor-made to suit your needs and we also offer warranties on all the products. With good off grid installers, solar panel and systems and offering the best solar power solutions, when you think Solar it's only Electrical PRO Solar Installation all the way!

You may speak to us at 0438 840 121 or write to us at

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